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Friday, June 2, 2017
Monthly Calendars Now Available Online!
Our monthly calendars are now available here under the "Documents" header, look in the "Calendars" group for each month. The document can be opened and saved, or you can even do a screen shot on your phone to save it.
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  • 05/24/2017 Tech Class Saturday 6/10 @ 11 AM!
  • 06/03/2016 Tech Classes are Back!
  • 06/03/2016 Father's Day Breakfast!
  • 05/09/2016 Moose Lodge Podcast!
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
from Moose International
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Administrator's Message
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The Valued Veterans Program has been extended thru April 30, 2018. This is a very rewarding program that not only recognizes a member as a veteran, but it offers other incentives. You can also add your military service to your record and twice a year they will recognize all veterans who have registered on My Membership Record. Please go to mooseunits.org and set up your My Membership Record and check the veterans box.
The First Responders program has also been expanded to include Border Patrol and National Guards in addition to Emts, Law enforcement, Firefighters and Active military. When you sponsor them in to the lodge their first years dues are free. This is just one way of “Honoring Community Hero’s”
The Intl Moose Convention will be held June 28th thru July 3, 2017 and there are some proposed changes to the general laws concerning endowment collection and smoking rules. We will report back with more info.
We were drawn for a fireworks booth and the Governor needs help with staffing. A sign-up sheet will be posted in the lodge if you can help.
Please keep your dues current by paying on-line, by coupon or at the Administrators office.
Carl, Administrator
(916)-985-3350 e-mail: lodge2009@mooseunits.org
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